Work Environment

Safety is a top priority at Kincaid Building Group, and it is our goal that every worker returns to his or her home and family safely each day. We are proud to embrace the vision of a zero-injury workplace, backed by a corporate safety program implemented by a third-party provider to help ensure its achievement.

Professional Development

The demands of our industry and our projects constantly evolve and raise the bar for our people to be leaders, partners and innovators.

Paid Holidays

Seven paid holidays are scheduled each year: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Project Profit Sharing Plan

The project profit sharing plan means profits are shared by every Kincaid Building Group team member, not just the employees who worked on the specific project. This “shared by all” approach fosters collaboration within the company and with the contractors who we work with to produce successful projects, which benefit all of us.

Sick Days and Personal Time

Paid sick/personal days are available each calendar year.


Employees are eligible for up to two weeks of vacation in the first year. The amount of paid vacation time may increase with increased eligible service time.

Service Anniversary Recognition

Each year we celebrate milestone service anniversaries in honor and appreciation of the people whose career commitment to Kincaid Building Group brings a depth of expertise and longevity to our success as a company. Our chief executive officer enjoys personally acknowledging these milestones along with custom gift baskets and travel vouchers.

Recognition and Awards

Part of being a great place to work includes appreciation for the leadership and passion that our people bring to our teams, projects and clients each and every day.


Kincaid Building Group promotes ongoing employee development across a broad range of project leadership responsibilities, including:

• The Kincaid Building Group Way
• Protecting Safety and Health
• Assuring Construction Quality
• Leading Project Planning
• Starting up a New Project
• Leading a Project as Planned
• Leading a Project Through Changes
• Managing Risk
• Closing Out Projects
• Innovating Client Value


We are looking for skilled people to join our team!